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eDimensionalVoice Buddy Interactive Voice Control For Vista & Windows7

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eDimensional. DIVE THE BOAT! You've just verbally ordered your crew to clear decks and submerse your submarine in just moments, much faster than you could possibly execute the same command by key press or mouse click. It's fast, it's realistic and it's easy.... But talking to your computer just sounds a little too science fiction? We've all wished we could just say something to our PCs and the machine would just "make it so". Well, the truth is you can start interacting with your system in this way now, not in the far distant future, or in a galaxy far, far away! Supporting all popular games such as F1 racing, Flight Simulator, IL-2 and LOMAC series, along with first person shooters such as the Half Life, Battlefield and Medal of Honour ranges, right down to World Of Warcraft and virtually any other title you'd care to name, if you'd normally use a button or a key command sequence to make it happen, you can now simply use your voice. With eDimensional's Voice Buddy software, you can forget about all the annoying keyboard commands needed to play today's complex PC games and simulations. Just say it and now your computer does it! What's more, your PC actually talks back to you with positive command feedback, in game training tips, plus much more. With Voice Buddy, your simulation and gaming experiences will soar to new heights of totally immersive and ultra realistic excitement. You get preconfigured voice command profiles for virtually all popular PC games which are ready to go with no additional setup required at all, achieving nearly 100% accuracy with no tedious voice training needed. All you need to do is install the application and you can start saying "gear up" instead of fumbling for the correct keyboard command or joystick button. Voice Buddy intelligently learns your voice as you talk to it, so even with various accents you won't have any problems. Voice Buddy fully integrates with online chat programs such a Teamspeak, furthering the ease of use which this software provides. Through its leading voice recognition and speech synthesis, plus sophisticated computer command and control technology, eDimensional's Voice Buddy recognises your voice commands and executes them instantly with absolute precision, all while providing you with vocal confirmation that the command has been executed. With Voice Buddy, you no longer need to type keyboard commands since every keyboard hotkey in every game edition can be controlled more efficiently by a voice command. Keep your hands on the controls where they should be and not moving madly across keyboards, gamepads, throttles or joysticks searching for that urgently needed command key. Why search or scroll through radio command orders when your flight is getting bounced, when you could just say "break" and "engage" and your squad will split formation, then counterattack your enemies! It is both more efficient and also adds greatly to immersion and realism, something we all seek in our gaming escapism. Compatible with all Microsoft operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards and with over sixty preconfigured game profiles, along with the ability to create any new command or game profile needed - you?ve just found your new copilot! Console Gaming Gear , ED-VB
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